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‘Acts 2′ Links are those where it is believed that the Church Began in ‘ Acts 2 ′ on the Day of Pentecost

According to Prophecy Ministries

Various topics concerning the pre-Trib Rapture

Articles of Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer

Ministry of Dr. Chafer, Founder of Dallas Theological Seminary

Berean Baptist Church

Ministry in Brunswick, Maine

Berean Internet Ministry

Ministry in Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Bible Believers

Comprehensive Directory of Churches and Articles for Acts 2 Dispensationalism

Bible Believers Resource Page

Independent Ministry

Bible Charts

Ministry of Clarence Larkin

Bible For Today

Be sure to check out this site’s series of audio messages that explain and defend Dispensationalism, by Pastor D. A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D.

Bible Truth Publishers

Many around the world have come to know Bible Truth Publishers (or BTP, as it is often called) through the Joyful News and Pocket (Wallet) Calendars, now printed in over thirty languages.

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The Biblicist

Independent Ministry

Book of Life

Messianic Jewish Pastor Steve Shermett hosts services in Tucson for non-Jewish believers. Watch live services Online, Sundays at 10:30AM, and Wednesdays at 6:30PM! All times local Tucson (Mountain) Time.

{Added May 1, 2011}

Brethren Online

Site of the Plymouth Brethren

Brethren Writers Hall of Fame

The editor of this site states that it contains the life and works of all major authors of dispensational works, mostly Plymouth Brethren; but also some Presbyterian and Lutherans! With works online, and links to similar sites.

Christ Only

Ministry of Steven R. Cook

Christians Unite

Independent Ministry

Congregation Yeshuat Yisrael

A Messianic Jewish Synagogue, in Nashville, Tennessee – Using a Dispensational time line, the page entitled “The Shofar will Sound” also shows why Islam is the ultimate “replacement theology,” because Islam teaches “a new form of legalism that is a reaction against the Sonship of the Messiah and a replacement of the promises of Israel to the Arab peoples.”

Dispensation of Grace

“Designed for the purpose of teaching and biblical study of “in Christ” truths. It is not a debate site or an apologetics site. It is merely an informational site. The goal is to edify the saints. Grow in grace!’

Dispensational Biblical Resources

Independent Ministry

Dispensational Chart

Ministry of Timothy S. Morton

Dispensational International Research Network

Featuring biographies of Darby, Schofield, Chafer, Ironside, Walvoord, and Pentecost, in addition to articles explaining how several church fathers set forth the principles which laid the foundation for dispensationalism.


Information from Bible Facts

Dispensationalism (2)

Series of Articles from Middletown Bible Church in Middletown, Connecticut

Doc’s Exhortation Place

Ministry of Dr. O. Wilburn Swaim Th.D

Doctrine of Dispensations

Online Book (pdf) from Prairieview Christian that takes a unique approach by classifying the dispensations into three groups – Theocentric, Christocentric, and Eschatological


Independent Ministry with Links to Topical Dispensational Articles

Endtime Ministries

Christian Resource Centre of Burpengary, Quebec (or maybe Landsborough, Quebec)

End Times

Independent Ministry

Eternal Ministries

Ministry of Prof Ron J. Bigalke Jr

False Prophets & Pseudo Apostles

As a dispensationalist, this writer believes the Charismatic movement is deceiving more and more Christians within evangelical and fundamental churches.

Forum on Eschatology

Due to the fact that Southern Baptists have formed no consensus on Eschatology, “SBC Life” gathered 3 scholars – Dr. Paige Patterson (a dispensational premillennialist), Dr. David Dockery, and Dr. Millard Erickson – to discuss this issue.

Fredericksburg Bible Church

Ministry of Pastor Jeremy Thomas in Fredericksburg, Texas. There are several new studies available in audio, text or both including, 2 John, 3 John, The Book of Revelation, Major Bible Themes, Israel: The Land & The People, The Book of Exodus, The Faith-Rest Drill, A Biblical Framework, The Book of James as well as Other Lessons.

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Gloryland Baptist Church

Ministry in Birmingham, Alabama

Gospel Folio Press

Providing carefully selected, Christian books and trustworthy products for your help and encouragement.

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Grace Evangelical Society

Independent Ministry

Heart’s Journey

Ministry of Bible Doctrine Church in Little Rock, Arkansas

Jack Van Impe Ministries

Independent Ministry

Lazyboy’s Rest Stop

Ministry of Stanley D. Toussaint

Little Billy’s Reality

Independent Ministry

Mid Week Publishing

Publishers of books, pamphlets, bible commentaries, and tracts concerning the Midweek Rapture

Mid Week Rapture

The Pretribulation Gathering ON the Day of Christ, by Carl Denson

Miles J Stanford Home Page

Ministry Devoted to the late Miles Stanford (1914-1999) which includes a Huge Directory of Articles

Mr. D’s Notes on Theology

Tremendously Large Online Topical Resource for Theological Teaching

The Noble Berean

Biblical studies in apologetics and dispensational teaching

Omaha Bible Church

Ministry of Todd Swift that Includes a Study Course on Dispensationalism for Biblical Studies

Our Bible Heritage

A local church ministry of Adrian Baptist Church in Canisteo, New York

Our Bible Ministries

Ministry of Dr. Larry Baker; includes his e-book on God’s Plan of the Ages in Four Economies of Evangelism.

{Added July 2, 2011}

A People For His Name

Baptist Church in the Philippines under the leadership of Dr. Robert E. Patenaude, Th. D.

{Added by request of Dr. Robert E. Patenaude on September 1, 2008}

Plymouth Brethren

The largest archive on the net of written expository and topical ministry “new and old”, by founders and noteworthies of the dispensational and so-called “Plymouth Brethren” movements as well as many others.

{Added on August 17, 2013}

Precious Seed

A UK registered charity which, primarily, publishes a magazine to encourage the study of the scriptures, the practice of New Testament church principles and interest in gospel work in the UK and abroad.

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The Professor’s Theological Home Page

From Mario Velez

{New URL! Updated on March 14, 2010 by request of Mario Velez}

Rings of Benzene

Blog Ministry of Laura Keslar, a pre-pharmacy major at the University of Arizona, who explains why she is a dispensationalist and believes the King James Bible is the word of God.

School of Tyrannus

Adult Christian Education

Scofield Memorial Church

Formerly Pastored by Dr. C. I. Scofield, editor of the Scofield Reference Bible

Scofield Reference Notes

Online Resource from Crosswalk Bible Ministry

Seminary Studies and Position Papers

Ministry of Jeremy Thomas

Sinner’s Prayer

Ministry of Michael D. O’Neal refuting the heresy of a Sinner’s Prayer

Society of Dispensational Theology

An Extension of Tyndale Theological Seminary and Biblical Institute

Sound Doctrine

By the Open Door Baptist Church; Bismarck, N. D.

Sound Teaching on Electronic Media (STEM)

A freely accessible site for users to find material for personal study or send electronic/digital resources to other Bible students.

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T. Ernest Wilson

The T. Ernest Wilson Ministry was created and is supported by some of the family of T. Ernest Wilson who desire to see his ministry continue to bless future generations.

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Thinking 7

Writings and teachings of R.P. Amos

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Through the Bible in 12 Lessons

Ministry of Rev. Claude Purser

Thy Testimonies

Ministry of Bob Brown, who writes: “Perhaps it is not ‘when did the church of the present dispensation begin,’ but, ‘when was the present hope of the believer revealed?’ If there were variations in the promises to believers throughout the book of Acts, and beyond, might not believers to whom these promises were given, still be part of the original church that began in Acts 2? Does a progression in God’s program, (that first promised the restoration of the kingdom to Israel upon their repentance, then included Samaritans and Gentiles as a result of Israel’s beginning unbelief, then, finally, the full truth of the mystery revealed as Israel was fully blinded), necessarily mean a new church began at each of these points?

“Those, basically, were some of the questions pondered over the years. This web site is meant to be suggestive to those who might take hard-line positions. None of us is ‘right’ on everything.”

So, those who would like to learn more concerning these various positions are also invited to click here, where Bob explains why he doesn’t believe it really matters when the church began (he believes this was in Acts 2), but when God blinded Israel and revealed the present heavenly hope (he believes this took place in Acts 28:28). Bob also has another new study entitled The Birthday of the Church, Versus the Beginning of the Present Dispensation

Tribulation and the Church

Online Book by Chuck Smith

Turning Point

Ministry of Dr. David Jeremiah (Note: Your DB editor [Ben Webb] highly recommends Turning Point’s series on “Escape the Coming Night,” in which Dr. Jeremiah teaches the entire book of Revelation, along with parallel Old Testament prophecies, from a Traditional Dispensational viewpoint)

Voices for Christ

Voices for Christ is an attempt to make Christ-centered ministry available to a wider audience. We are especially interested in helping those on the foreign field, those who have a sincere interest in the infallible Word of God, and any desiring to see the Lord Jesus Christ preeminent in His church. You can browse the list of audio messages available by speaker, date, place, or search by title, subject or speaker. You can download from among the MP3 files that are available or listen to them on-line.

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Watch Unto Prayer

Ministry of Jan Moser

Wheatland Bible Chapel

Church Ministry from Duncanville, Texas

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With Christ

Formerly known as True Branch Ministries

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