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Acts 28 Links Refer to Those Where it is Believed that the Church Began in/after Acts 28 under the Apostle Paul

Acts 28:28
Ministry of Shawn McKinley, who also hosts a website below entitled “Travel Thru the Word.”

{Updated: March 27, 2009}

Independent Ministry based in Sutherlin, Oregon

Berean Bible Studies Index
Highly comprehensive list of Bible Study articles written from an Acts 28 perspective

Berean Expositor
The Berean Expositor is published bimonthly by The Berean Publishing Trust in London

Berean Truth
Contains over 220 audios in mp3; or real audio files of Charles Welch, a great teacher of right division

Bible Understanding
Helping You Understand God’s Word by “…rightly dividing the Word of Truth”

[Updated March 24, 2008]

Charles Welch
Full Collection for the works (audio and written) of Charles Welch (1880-1967)

Find Out For Yourself
Historical and Archaelogical articles/charts by the late Robert Davidson.

[Added March 24, 2008]

Grace Bible Church
A Post Acts teaching ministry. The site features audios, videos, access to live streaming video during teaching sessions and written articles addressing a number of topics of interest to a student of the Bible.

{Updated July 20, 2011 at the request of Allen Reno}

Grace Bible Study
Ministry of Michael Holt, who also teaches live via the internet on paltalk

Grace Panorama
Scandinavian site by Jan Lilleby in two languages (English and Norwegian), exposing heresies like the Word-Faith movement, with links to Charles Welch material.

Heaven Dwellers
Independent Ministry

Joel Graebe’s Page
Ministry of Joel Graebe including a series of helpful links

Levend Water
Includes articles and audios in both Dutch and English.

[Added March 24, 2008]

The New Covenant
Out of print for many years, a mimeographed edition of this treatise on the New Covenant was again printed in 1953, and is now available from Scripture Research, Inc. (Editor’s warning: The reader should be warned that other views contained in this site are Preterist, and depart from “traditional” Acts 28 Dispensationalism.)

The Open Bible Trust
Based in the UK. Many Bible study publications available for free download or purchase.

[Added March 24, 2008]

Paul’s Gospel Blog
Ministry of Deborah L. Collins
{Updated on July 8, 2015}

Precepts Ministry
Blog and audio ministry for the teaching of Nathan C. Johnson.

[Added November 3, 2009]

Right Division
Independent Ministry with extensive audios and articles on the Acts 28 view

Right Word Truth
Web site of Joyce Pollard’s articles. Includes a message board.

[Added March 24, 2008; Updated September 17, 2010]

Spiritual Blessings
Ministry of the Berean Bible Fellowship of Australia

[Updated March 24, 2008]

Studies in Scripture
Ministry of Dr. Dennis M. Callahan Th. D., who writes:

“In just 18 days both my wife and I will be forced to relocate, as I am on life support and my wife has been housebound for more than four years this will create an extreme hardship. The reason we are just like you poor and the “world” has no tolerance for poor. Mother Teresa said the reason that there are poor is that people aren�t willing to share. Christ Jesus said ‘The poor you will always have with you.’

I am asking that you and your brothers and sisters in Christ will pray that in matters like these God will have His way and that He will receive glory in our lives.”

Things Most Surely Believed
Online version of a booklet of the same title, published by the Berean Publishing Trust in London

Travel Thru the Word
Ministry of Shawn McKinley, who also writes: Join me on PALTALK every Wed. and Fri. at 9:00 PM EST in Travel Thru The Word!

Truth for Today
…Ministry of Truth For Today includes a vast array of Acts 28 articles and authors…

[Updated May 14, 2008]

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