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The Bible Forum
Weekly Blog with Audios and Articles teaching from the perspective of Right Division

{Added on April 30, 2008}

Magnified Word
This ministry of Bishop David Dowell (1 Tim. 3:1, KJV) provides some counter-arguments to the Mid-Acts point of view.

{Moved from Mid-Acts Category on April 29, 2013}

The Rightly Divided Bible
Online Book by Harry Wellington entitled “The Rightly Divided Bible”

The Word Understood
Presents audio messages on the book of Acts, along with both audio and written studies on Rightly Dividing, using the literal interpretive method of Bible study. Rafael Wolf, Website Administrator for The Word Understood, writes:

” …I wanted to let you know that currently, our view on the KJV is that it is the inerrant word of God for English Speaking people today. That yes, there may be other possible translations, and yes, there may be various interpretations, and debate about what passages should be translated as or words that could be translated many different ways, etc. We recognize that had you only the KJV today with no ‘Greek’ texts to consult you could be a 100% complete individual with what we consider to be an accurate copy / translation of the word of God in English.

“That the KJV is indeed an ACCURATE translation to English and it’s the only translation we study out of. I guess you could say we are a Textus Receptus shop. Again, not that words can’t be translated differently or that there is no other word that could be used, or that ‘Greek’, our little understanding of it can’t be of use or shed light on matters…sure…but that the KJV is ACCURATE!!! The KJV is worthy of defense as many great men have done. We haven’t found the time nor energy yet being a young website to put that content up on our site.”

Rafael also writes, “We have also just added a message board and chat features so we’re 100% now!!!”

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