Below is a list of individuals and ministries who have contacted The Dispensational Berean to provide or seek fellowship information for other grace believers around the globe. Each name is linked to an Outlook Email Account that you can use for contact purposes. However, please do not use the addresses to send unsolicited or “spam” mail for general or advertising purposes. To have your name or ministry added to this list, please contact us.

Craig Brueckman in Niceville, Florida

We host a home bible study every other week, in Niceville, FL. Predominantly using video messages from Cross Roads Bible Church (Daytona Beach, FL – Desiring to study the word, rightly divided, from a mid-Acts position.

{Added on July 9, 2015}

Richard and Andrea in Northern California

“We are seeking fellowship and possible bible study with other like-minded believers who rightly divide the word of truth and understand the fullness of God’s grace. We are Mid-Acts and use the KJV, though we appreciate the insight gained from the original Greek and Hebrew. We are tired of institutional Religianity and having to “filter out” teachings, and thus are no longer in a congregation. Our home bible studies are based on Curt Crist’s internet and dvd teachings ( We are located near Roseville, about 25 miles northeast of downtown Sacramento.”

{Added on October 27, 2014}

Michael Ziegler in Central California

“If you have contact with anyone in Right Division / Acts 28 (or otherwise) in Central California (Sacramento, to be specific) PLEASE give them this address so that we might have contact with Saints of like precious faith . . . It would be such a blessing for us, and hopefully for them!”

{Email Address Updated on January 23, 2013}

Tami Hammond in Hermitage, TN

Hello, we have been attending Grace Community Church in Bedford Indiana. We are relocating to Hermitage, TN next week and are looking for a Grace church in that area. We want to keep learning the Dispensation teaching. Thank you.

{Added on November 28, 2012}

Natalie Gilliland in South Walton County, FL

Hi! Your site is such a blessing to have found! Thank you for the work you’re doing in Him to help others in the Body!!

I’d like to be added to your list of those seeking fellowship other like-minded believers in the Body of Christ. I currently reside in Santa Rosa Beach, FL (South Walton County), and am desperately seeking others in the area to study with! If you know of anyone actively seeking fellowship in this area, would you please place me in contact with them? Our area is very seasonal, and it’s beem extremely difficult to find others that follow the Apostle Paul’s teaching as revealed to him by Christ. My mom and dad also live in this area, and are interested in joining or starting a Bible study that teaches right-division.

God bless you and your ministry!

In Christ,

Natalie Gilliland

{Added on October 22, 2012}

Steve Hughes in Orange County, CA

Looking for information about Paul/grace/dispensational type bible study groups/believers in my area. We are in search of any kind of small such fellowship/bible study/believers in Orange County, Ca [50 mi south of Los Angeles] and would be immensely grateful. Or, if you can share any other possible source for that kind of info. Thanks, Steve Hughes

{Added on August 9, 2012}

Mike Accola in North Liberty, IA
We had previously fellowshipped with Jack Lockhart in Alabama and Nolan Butler from Florida before moving to Iowa. We are now a Mid-Acts Dispensationalist family looking for Bible Study in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area or anything reasonably close. – Thanks, Mike Accola

{Added on March 6, 2011}

Paul Points Ministry w/ Jason Randolph
Mid Acts section, Jason Randolph, weekly Bible study in Coos/Curry county Oregon, call 24/7 @ 866-881-7002 or visit our website @

{Added October 28, 2010}

Tony and Snow Bonagura
I was introduced to the importance of right division by David W. Busch 6 years ago while I was attending a Brethren Meeting in New Paltz, New York. My wife and I are presently retired to New Bern, North Carolina. The closest Grace assembly is in Duram, North Carolina so we are presently unchurched. We return to New York quite often since two of my three daughters and three brothers still live there with their families. My wife also has a brother and sister in New York.

I have recently been involved with a company that provides video emails, video instant messaging, podcasting and live web broadcasting. My wife and I love the technology which has allowed us to keep personal contact with our two granddaughters in New York via Video Email. No special connection is necessary for receiving a video email, however, to send one you need a camcorder and access to the helloworld server. The basic connection comes to $10 per month.

Seated in heavenly places with Him (Eph 2:6).

114 Arbon Lane
New Bern, NC 28562

{Added June 15, 2007}

Dan & Wanda Bowers
“Searching for fellow Acts 9 Pauline Dispensational believers in the Farmington, New Mexico area, including Aztec, Bloomfield, etc.

I am rather new to this view, having been a “classic” dispensationalist of the Acts 2 perspective for approx. 30 years because that is what I was taught. I didn’t even know that dispensationalists existed who held another perspective or even that there WAS another perspective.

If you live in our area, please contact me via e-mail at I look forward to hearing from some of you. I’m “dyin’” here all by myself (as far as I know)!”

{Added April 28, 2007}

David Carden
Pastor, Church of the Resurrection
1605 Holland Avenue (Location)
1601 Holland Avenue (Mail Only)
Galena Park, Texas 77547-2539
Tel: 713-453-0019
Fax: 713-453-0019 (call first to change mode)
Website: Church of the Resurrection
Sunday Morning Bible Study 9:30AM
Sunday Worship/Teaching Assembly 10:30AM
Institute Web: MidActs Dispensational Bible Institute “We are in Galena Park that is surrounded by Pasadena, Baytown, Houston, La Porte, Jacinto City etc. We have a church and facilities, however, we are in need of more saints to fellowship with us and help us carry out the Ministry of Reconciliation with the understanding of the Mid-Acts Dispensational truths by Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth.”

Pastor Carden will be graduating on May 7, 2007 with a Masters Degree from St. Louis Theological Seminary.

{Updated April 28, 2007}

Silvia Carling
Silvia is looking for a Grace fellowship in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jan Chaisson
Jan is seeking a Bible study in the Albuquerque area

Don Cote
Ambassadors for Christ Bible Studies
Christ’s Body Bible Church
Kenosha Wisconsin

Daniel Justin Doty
Daniel lives in the San Francisco Bay Area of northern California and is dying to find anyone to study and fellowship with that understands the Word rightly divided and Grace/dispensationalism

Michelle Falica
The family of Michelle Falica is looking for a Dispensational Bible study in Bowling Green, Kentucky (in Southern Kentucky, Bowling Green is about 80 miles north of Nashville, TN)

Pastor Ronald T. Fox
The members of Berean Bible Church of Denver, Colorado and Pastor Ron Fox, invite all those in the area to come and study God’s Word, fellowship & worship with us. We are a multi-ethnic church proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the Mystery & helping people experience the blessings of knowing their true identity in Christ through the Message of Grace.

Sunday School 9AM
Worship Service 10:30AM
Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting 7PM
Wednesday Night Bible Study 7:45-8:45PM

Berean Bible Church
1400 Birch Street
Denver, CO 80220
Ph: 303-329-0409
Fax: 303-329-0689

{Updated December 18, 2007}

John Fredericksen
Grace Bible Church of the Black Hills has a New site Coming Soon! Until then, you may e-mail Pastor Fredericksen

Iris Guy
“We live part time in Lake Havasu, AZ and we are having difficulty in locating a church with the belief we also support. We are avid supporters of Les Feldick ministries in OK, but we would like to locate a church that doesn’t say you have to be baptized again, and so forth. Any help would be appreciated.”

Steve and Sharon Henry
Website: Amarillo Grace Believers
“We have a small group that studies together in Amarillo, Texas on Sunday evenings…I know that Les Feldick has quite a few who follow him in the area and might attend if they knew we were there. There may be others looking for fellowship also. As you know reaching each other is the pits sometimes.
Local phone call from Amarillo and some towns to the north east. Steve or Sharon: (806) 576-0761, or (806) 857-2877. If we don’t answer leave a message.”

{Added June 17, 2007}

Dave Ishee
“My introduction to dispensationalism was through Bob Enyart’s The Plot through my 21 year old son, Peter. I’m now looking to start a bible study and eventually obtain critical mass to start a bible church in West Knoxville. Here’s the question: do you know any group of dispensational believers in the knoxville area? If you have any questions about my identity or intentions, please feel free to contact me at work( 865-766-8671) or home( 865-675-4296).”

Jerry Lockhart
Jerry has two couples who are leaving the area of New Braunfels, TX; one is moving to the South East New Mexico area (around Carlsbad, Eunice, Hobbs, or Lovington), and the other is moving to Sierra Vista, AZ. Jerry can also be contacted through Berean Bible Church in New Braunfels, TX

Wade Lunday of Sheridan, Arkansas
Wade writes, “We are a Grace Church that was established a little over 6 years ago. We are looking for a pastor and I was hoping God would lead you in direct to some new sources. There are not many Grace pastors running around in Arkansas.”

{Added July 19, 2009}

Scott Mitchell
Scott currently preaches in Wimberley, Austin, Seguin, and San Antonio, Texas.

Scott also writes:
“I now pastor a rightly dividing church in Seguin, Texas. Here is our information:

Grace Family Bible Church
2400 East Walnut
Seguin, Texas 78155

We preach the Word of truth rightly divided and use the Authorized 1611 Bible, with a special emphasis on children and young adult ministries, as well as music and evangelism. We also perform gospel music with a bluegrass sound in a group we call BlueGrace, as well as producing music cd’s by berea, the latest of which is “Frozen Lake.”

Scott’s Website

Shawn O’Connell
Shawn is looking for mid-Acts dispensational churches or study groups in southern New Hampshire

Robert Powell
“We have a regular Bible study in Nashville, TN on Sunday and Thursday nights meeting in the Goodlettsville, TN area. We study the Bible from the Pauline perspective and want to welcome everyone in the area who is looking for somewhere to fellowship!”

Scott Ray
Scott is looking for other believers in Eastern North Carolina to fellowship with, start a study, and possibly a new local fellowship.
Scott Ray
PO Box 1000
Pikeville, NC 27863
(919) 766-9711 or (252) 557-2095
{Added August 20, 2009}

Gary Rogers
Gary Rogers lives in the Cape Coral, Ft. Myers area of Lee County, Florida; and would like to either attend a dispensational Bible study or Church, or start one in his area. Interested parties in his area can either contact him at his above e-mail address, or call him at 239-633-5714.

James Sanders
James writes:
“Do you know of a Pauline church or gathering of believers in the Ft Walton Beach/Destin Florida area?
Thank you and God bless!
Frank Sanders”
email: or email:
{Added March 8, 2010}

Mike Schroeder
Mike currently resides in Corpus Christi, Texas with his wife, Jean. He conducts two classes a week in Corpus Christi, and one in Harlingen. AGBSF Statement of Faith Mike’s Biography and Testimony

Walt Seevers
Brother Jeff McCleary is teaching through Paul’s letters verse by verse in Lolo, Montana. A lady involved with Stonecroft ministries invited me to start a new study, not connected with Stonecroft of course, which we have been doing for some time now. As it turns out, some years back, she was introduced to the message of grace. Blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ,

Walt also has a small home group in the Missoula, Montana area. There are folks who come from Lolo as well. The Word is taught verse by verse from the Pauline point of view. Walt’s number is 406-721-6858.

{Updated September 21, 2007}

Richard Van Sant
Richard is trying to locate a Pauline, dispensationalist, independent, fundamentalist, KJV only, Bible-believing church/congregation in his area (in Marion county). He is trying to be as close as possible, in distance, to his family in Ocala, and any help in this matter will be appreciated.

Michael Ziegler
“If you have contact with anyone in Right Division / Acts 28 (or otherwise) in Central California (Sacramento, to be specific) PLEASE give them this address so that we might have contact with Saints of like precious faith . . . It would be such a blessing for us, and hopefully for them!”

Emails with Full Name (Acts 2)…

Pastor Rodelio Mallari
From the Philippine Islands, Pastor Rodelio writes…

Dear Brethren & Fellow Servants in Christ:

Hello from the Philippine Islands in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We are a small association of independent Baptist churches…As the Lord enables, we implore you to please consider donating to us some of your books, booklets, CD-ROMs, doctrinal and evangelistic tracts. We could also put into the best use some dispensational charts and King James Bibles…We minister to poverty-stricken local Baptist churches and have very limited resources…We hope we do not sound too demanding but trust that you understand the struggles we Filipino pastors are into.

We regularly go out to teach and strengthen the brethren. We conduct small-time Dispensational and Pro-KJB Bible conferences and lectures as well as encourage others to do open-air preaching in public places. We also occasionally provide free Bibles and used Christian books on a very limited basis and as the Lord provides.

Each year we conduct anywhere from 3-4 small-time Bible conferences in the Luzon and Visayan island provinces of our country. About 50-150 preachers, Bible students, as well as church workers from nearby cities and provinces come to our meetings. We encourage our brethren to continue preaching the Gospel of the grace of God and studying and teaching God’s word rightly divided. There is tremendous opposition to our feeble labors by Catholics and those who hate the King James Bible. However, by the grace of God, results have been very encouraging for me and our compatriots in the ministry. Praise God!

We strongly believe without apology that the old King James Bible is God’s perfect, pure, infallible, and inerrant word in the English language. It is WITHOUT proven textual or doctrinal errors. It CANNOT be improved upon by any other English or American language version now and forever!

For non-English speaking Filipinos, there were four of us who, by God’s grace, have translated a Filipino literal translation of the King James New Testament. Bearing Precious Seed-U.S.A. sponsored the printing of 300,000 copies that have been freely given away and are now in circulation all over the country.

Even with very limited resources and virtually no financial backing, we are endeavoring to translate the Old Testament directly from the King James Bible (without resorting to Greek or Hebrew lexicons)� a very difficult and tremendous task indeed! The Filipino King James Bible translation project is progressing slowly but surely. Filipino, which is based from Tagalog, is our national language. It is understood by the majority of our now 85 million countrymen who are predominantly Roman Catholic.

Sadly, at the moment I am the only one who is doing the actual translating because my compatriots are busy in other areas of the ministry. I hope that God would soon raise more supporters and volunteer translators to help out in the translation work. I would like to put out more hours per week translating the King James Bible than I am actually doing at the moment.

When enough support for my family is raised, I will quit my part-time jobs and devote 30-40 hours translating the Bible. In the meantime, please pray for me as I work on revising our New Testament and translating the Old Testament on top of my family and ministry responsibilities. By God’s grace, I have already finished 11 short Old Testament books. I am determined to finish the task even if it takes me 10 years (if the Lord delays that long). I am grateful to God that some Bible-believing brethren abroad donated this indispensable computer and printer for the Bible translation work.

We are in dire need of sound dispensational biblical material to help our national preachers in their study and ministry of God’s word. Many of us have very limited formal theological training. During the last three years or so we have already appealed for help to over 200 other churches and ministries abroad but without success.

Brethren, please pray about helping us and our ministry… We shall anxiously await your response. Until then, may the Lord bless and keep you!

Faithfully yours in Christ,

Pastor Rodelio D. Mallari (1 Timothy 6:12)
Mailing Address:
Blessed Hope Baptist Church
P.O. Box 52159, ACPO
2009 Angeles City

Bob Patenaude
“I’m wondering if you hear from others who are really looking for a ministry…something to do for the Lord, say, with knowledge they have gained from (this) site and others. If you hear of KJB-believing dispensationalists (Baptist, Bible, other) seeking out someone to work with or seeking out some ministry opportunities, would you please give them our name and this email address? We’re in the southern Indiana area. Want to check the atlas? Look for Vincennes, Indiana, north of Evansville along the Wabash River (Illinois State line), and then move your finger straight across to the east through Salem (Washington County, Indiana) and on to Scottsburg (on I-65). South of that line to the Kentucky border is the area we are talking…and PRAYING about.”

Asia-Pacific Scripture Study Association
*Bible-Literalist Institutes
*Philippines Institute for Family-Based Education
*Adullam Ministry to Baptist Preachers (and Others)
P.O. Box 39650, 4217 Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines
Home: +63(918)720-8007 Mobile: +63(919)806-7820

Emails without Last Name (Acts 9 and Beyond)…

Glen and Debbie
“It seems we are the only 2 Acts 28 beleivers in all Las Vegas, Nevada. We long for someone to fellowship with. Our teacher died 5 years ago.”

“Looking for a dispensational church in Woodbridge, VA. That is about 35 miles south of Washington DC.”

Emails without Last Name (Acts 2)…

Anthony is looking for an Acts 2 Bible study or assembly. He would eventually like to start a home church.

Steve is looking for a dispensational church in Southern Wisconsin/Northern Illinois that may be more dispensational than covenant.

Emails with No Name (Acts 9 and Beyond)…
“I am a mid acts Pauline using the Word rightly divided looking to fellowship with like believers who would like to study the Word and have fellowship in the Mrytle Beach S.C. area.”

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