The Dispensational Berean Forum

The forum listed above was tentatively created on March 1, 2013. Over the prior months, several of our DB Readers requested a “current” place to discuss dispensational matters of Scripture (as well as other open topics), but found that the other forums (listed below) were simply not generating much attention or had become entirely too exclusive. The DB Administrators do not have a position regarding the other forums, but opted to create this forum as an alternative location for anyone to have reasonable discussion. Its success or failure will always depend on the participation of the readers. Please feel free to use it or share it with others who may be looking for online fellowship.


The following list of forums contain both current and archived discussions on dispensational matters. Please consider that each forum represents a unique set of opinions and there does not exist a standard for gracious, dispensational discussion from board to board.

The once popular “Advancement of Grace” forum was officially lost in October of 2011 when the primary server on which it had been hosted was inadvertantly upgraded to a platform that could not handle its older software. The moderator of that forum, Jeremy D. Lucas (aka, MercyBreeze), considered an attempt to restore the forum at a fee, but few members expressed an interest in its preservation, so the project was abandoned.

AM1490 Bible Forum

Facebook Group #1:

(Administrator(s): Brenton Goin & Jennifer Peet)

Grace Believers Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

Facebook Group #2:

(Administrator(s): Andrea Watts)

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

Facebook Group #3:

(Administrator(s): Robert Powell)

Rightly-Dividing the Word of Truth

Facebook Group #4:

(Administrator(s): Nancy Norris)

Studying the Scriptures RIGHTLY DIVIDED with LES FELDICK

Mid-Acts KJO Bible Study Forum

Rapture Watch Forum

Right Division Discussion Forum

Right Division Forum (Yahoo Group)

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