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In a continuing effort to promote the understanding of Dispensationalism, and to refute the mis-information surrounding Dispensational Theology, your DB host is also the editor for the Dispensationalism category for the Open Directory Project, which is a human-driven directory that feeds search engines such as Google, AltaVista, HotBot, Yahoo, Lycos, etc. Since this Directory depends upon human input, the sites that are listed in ODP stand a much better chance of obtaining higher ratings in the search engines.

And for those who may be interested in learning more about the pre-tribulation “rapture”, your DB host is now the editor for two different Pre-Trib sections of the ODP:

Pre-Tribulation Rapture: Prophesy

Sites that address whether or not the Pre-Trib Rapture was prophesied, or whether or not it was symbolized by certain Jewish feasts.

Pre-Tribulation Rapture: General

Bible Study pages concerning the Pre-Trib Rapture, that don’t necessarily address the question as to whether or not it was the subject of Old Testament prophecy.

So far, in the Dispensational section of the ODP, this editor has added well over 200 sites and articles to the various Dispensational categories, including sites under the sub-categories of :

General Dispensationalism

Sites that either describe Dispensationalism or chronicle its overall history.

Traditional, or Acts 2 Dispensationalism

Sites that critique other Theological viewpoints from the Traditional [Acts 2] viewpoint; sites that defend the Traditional viewpoint from Covenant Theology, Reformed Theology, and Preterism; and sites that point out the various misconceptions concerning Dispensationalism that are being propagated by misinformed Covenant and Reformed Theologians.


Sometimes referred to as “Classical Pauline Dispensationalism,” this link contains dispensational sites and discussion forums which debate the merits of Hyper-Dispensationalism, the reasons for beginning the church after Acts chapter 2, and the theological results of doing so. It includes the sub-categories of Mid-Acts and Acts 28.

Opposing Views

Sites that focus upon the debate among dispensationalists from the various “camps.” Contains a sub-category for Progressive Dispensationalism which most Dispensationalists do not consider to be Dispensational at all, but is still listed in an attempt to present the full spectrum of sites pertaining to all Dispensational categories.

Please be aware that your computer may not display the latest updates, unless you press “Refresh” or “Shift-Refresh” on your keyboard. And the above links are indeed great places to perform an in-depth study of the various viewpoints concerning Dispensationalism, as well as the Pre-Trib Rapture, because many of the sites listed there do not yet appear in our Berean Dispensational links.

Submitting a Link

If the site you are submitting to ODP would fit better in one of the sub-categories (Traditional, Pauline, Mid-Acts, Opposing Views, etc.), you should first go to that sub-category and click on “add URL”. But please be patient; the ODP is sometimes rather slow. If it doesn’t respond in a timely manner, just check back at a later time.