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Whether this is your first exposure to dispensationalism or you’ve been familiar with the concept for years, one thing is certain: the material is vast and almost immeasurable. Every teacher has a disagreement and no teacher is flawless. For this reason, the DB offers a page on dispensational teaching that is under no illusions about flawless dispensational instruction. The objective of a Berean is that you hear/read/see the things being taught and test them to see if they are so.

The DB has organized a variety of tools to assist in your study and accompany your learning. The DB does not specifically endorse any teacher or their leanings, but instead provides access to their content with the hope that you, the reader, will examine everything in light of the Scriptures. It is our reasonable hope that you will find a strong enough diversity in teaching that your mind will be sharpened, your heart will be softened, and your spirit will be enriched.

Jeremy Lucas, DB Designer
Ben Webb, DB Founder