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Steve Atwood

Things To Consider

Why All the Confusion?

Did God Destroy New Orleans?

Dr. Edward Bedore

Rich Man and Lazarus

Paul’s Prayers from Prison

Practical Beginning of the Body of Christ

Jesus Christ: The Son of Man

Berean Bible Society

Complete Online Library

The Berean Searchlight (PDF Archives)

Jan 1936 | May 1936 | Nov 1936 | Feb 1937 | Apr 1938

Dr. Ken Blue

Dispensationalism Misunderstood

Tomme Bromseth (Letters from 2003-2004)

Letter 1 – I Am Disturbed (08/13/03)

Letter 2 – The Ultimate Power Source (09/03/03)

Letter 3 – This Isn’t Boot Camp (09/10/03)

Letter 4 – Why I Believe: Revisited (10/01/03)

Letter 5 – The Understanding/Obedience Question (10/15/03)

Letter 6 – No Pain/No Gain (10/29/03)

Letter 7 – Tomme, Don’t Be a Dinkas (11/07/03)

Letter 8 – This is Worth Reading (11/14/03)

Letter 9 – How Then Shall We Live, Part 1 (11/19/03)

Letter 10 – How Then Shall We Live, Part 2 (12/03/03)

Letter 11 – The Ultimate Gift (12/17/03)

Letter 12 – The Wanderers (12/31/03)

Letter 13 – The Explosion (01/28/04)

Letter 14 – Everyone Wins (06/25/04)

Letter 15 – The Radicals (06/25/04)

Letter 16 – The Most Powerful Tool (07/17/04)

Letter 17 – The Choice (07/28/04)

Letter 18 – Milestones (08/25/04)

Thomas Bruscha

Spirit Filled Parenting

Fast Facts about Angels

Doug Dodd

Does God Send Babies to Hell?

Bob Enyart

Complete Online Library

Thomas Freeman

The Gospel for Today’s Age of Grace

Duane Gallentine

A Comparison of Adam and Christ

Baptisms of the Bible

Dates of the Pauline Epistles

Epignosis: Full Knowledge

Four Fold Ministry

Progressive Revelation

The Gospel of the Uncircumcision

He Gave Gifts unto Men

Powers, Ministers, and Rulers of God

Why the Body of Christ is to Meet in Fellowship

The Biblical Charismatic Movement

The Blinding of Israel

The Commissions Jesus Christ Gave to the Twelve

Preaching of Jesus Christ According to the Revelation of the Mystery

Mature Saints, Strong Families, Strong Churches

Doctrine, Separation, and Neutralization

Giving in the Present Dispensation

The Perplexity of Paul

Chastisement is for Children

The Everlasting Covenant

Israel’s Dread (Leviticus 26)

Abraham, the Father of all that Believe

Complete Online Library (Additional Articles)

Duke P. Ganote

The Bible: Fundamentals in Common, Fundamental Differences

Dan Gross

Feeling Guilty?

David M. Havard

What Difference Does it Make?

Y2K: Hype, Hysteria, Hope

General Epistles: Where Do They Fit In?

Begin with the End in Mind

Bob Hill

Predestination Articles

Questions Answered (Complete Online Library)

Lee Homoki

Do Not Forget the Transition

Why Do Good Men Disagree

The Grace Mountains

The Gospel: Its Message, Ministry, and Manner

The Doctrine of Devils

Dennis Kiszonas

What’s For Supper?

Frederick Lewis

Complete Online Library

Jerry Lockhart

The Bible as a Timeline

Jeremy D. Lucas

The Grace of God

The Mystery of Salvation

The Bible vs History

The Gracious Illusion of Time

The Debt of the Free: Walk Worthy

Dividing the Indivisible

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

The Risk of Restoration

The Marriage that Longs to Give Up

The Holocaust of our Grace

The Milk of the Word

The Present Hand of God

Panoramic Misinformation: A Common Sense Look at Global Warming

Closing the Mind’s Potential

Winter Tidings

Q & A: The Issue of Human Education

Q & A: The Issue of Overlapping Dispensations

Q & A: The Issue of Prayer and God’s Response

Q & A: The Issue of Predestination

Q & A: The Issue of the Holy Spirit and His Role

Q & A: The Issue of the Nephilim and the Giants

Q & A: The Issue of Water Baptism

Frank Marotta

Dave MacPherson’s The Rapture Plot: Weighed and Found Wanting

Dr. Tom McCall

Israel and the Church: the Differences

Joel McGarvey

Thinking Back, Looking Forward

Marriage or Merge

Faith of our Fathers

E.C. Moore

Things Paul Could Not Do (Philippians 4:13)

Jan Moser

Where is the Promise of His Coming?



Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology

In Christ Before Me

The Glass Darkly and Full Knowledge

The Glory of God’s Grace

God’s Love in a Believer

Am I Going to Heaven?

J.C. O’Hair

Complete Online Library

Bible Messages For Bereans

Nancy Paulson

Baptism and “(i.e. fully wet)”

Baptism: Purification Unto Sanctification and a New Identity

Brief Outline of 1 Corinthians

How to Understand the Bible

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

In Christ Before Me

More Than One Gospel

Past, Present, & Future

The Christian Life

God’s Grace For Such a Time as This

How To Deal With Sin

Peace with God

Repentance From Sin

Satan’s Policy of Evil

Study to Show Thyself Approved


Using the Law Lawfully

Wisdom of the World

Changes: When the Prophetic Program Resumes

Five Kinds of Death

Pre-Adamic Man

The Gospel of Christ


The Two-Fold Purpose of Abraham

Tracy Plessinger

Why Would a Perfect Man Die?

Is God’s Grace Sufficient

Jerry Pourcy

Daniel’s 69th Week

The Faith of Christ

Covenant of Circumcision

God’s Eternal Purpose

The Day that Christ Died

The 7000 Years

The New Covenant Church

When Tongues Ceased


The Father and His Beloved Son

Paul’s Example

B.C. Pratt

Why the Church Could not have Begun at Pentecost

Why Water Baptism?

Did You Ever Consider?


Who is Jehovah?

Paul M. Sadler

Present Obsession w/ the Antichrist, Part 1

Present Obsession w/ the Antichrist, Part 2

Present Obsession w/ the Antichrist, Part 3

Life & Letters of the Apostle Peter, Part 1

Life & Letters of the Apostle Peter, Part 2

Life & Letters of the Apostle Peter, Part 3

Life & Letters of the Apostle Peter, Part 4

Life & Letters of the Apostle Peter, Part 5

Life & Letters of the Apostle Peter, Part 6

Life & Letters of the Apostle Peter, Part 7

Life & Letters of the Apostle Peter, Part 8

Life & Letters of the Apostle Peter, Part 9

Life & Letters of the Apostle Peter, Part 10

Paul Schumaker

Divisions We Have Caused

Taking it a Little Further

Issues about the Body of Christ

What is our Good News?

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Willard Sessoms

Grace in Marriage

Dan R. Smedra

The Subtle Errors of Covenant & Calvinist Theology

Ron Sorg

Saved By Water

Positional Truths

Saved By Water

Cornelius R. Stam

Tradition: How Shall We Regard it?

The Apostle of Grace

Faith & Unbelief

Gratitude Overflowing

One That Had Authority

All Profitable

Miles Stanford

Dispensationalism’s Missing Link

Mike Szafranski

Baptized into Christ

Jeremy Thomas

A Comparison of Classic Dispensationalism,
Covenant Theology, and Progressive Dispensationalism

Mike Tiry

Getting a Round Tuit

Godliness 101

How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit

Grace, Godliness, and the Will of God

The Heart of a Servant

The Gift that Includes All Gifts

The Justice of God and the Mystery

Ben Webb

Romans 2:28-29 and the Erroneous Concept of “Spiritual Israel”

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

The Deity of Christ

Proving the Deity of Christ to Jehovah’s Witnesses

Water Baptism: A Mid-Acts Dispensational Viewpoint

Why Speaking in Tongues is Not for Today

The Faith OF Christ: Why I Reject the NKJV

Mid-Acts Dispensationalism and the Dispensation of the Grace of God

Manuscript Evidence Supporting the King James Bible

Review of “Deceiving and Being Deceived”

Five Fundamentals of the Faith

Similarities to Terry McLean’s Booklet

Donald Webb

Paul and the Resurrection

John M. Whalen

Reflections on Financial Security

Sodomy and Tolerance

John Willson

The Pastor’s Perils

R. Wolf

Can You Explain Romans 6:4?

What All of us Have Missed

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