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Abortion (The Hard Way Out)
Independent Website

American Family Association
Independent Website

Answers to Islam
This site isn’t meant to attack Islam. Rather, it is a site dedicated to answering Islam. It was started at the request of “Answering Christianity,” a Muslim Anti-Christian website, to answer their allegations which were presented on that webpage. (From

Apologetics Resource Center
The Apologetics Resource Center (ARC) is a non-profit ministry whose mission is to reach the minds and hearts of people with the message and truth claims of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Audio Bible
King James Version, narrated by Alexander Scourby

Religious Database Program

Biblical Chronologist
Merging biblical data with data from archaeology, geology, and other sciences, to affirm the historicity and real-world historical truth of the Bible.

Blessed Cause
“At this site you will discover unbelievable facts about public school. Our children are told to assume various imaginations of worship to Allah. The ‘Jesus’ described in the Christian section is what ISLAM believes about Christ, not what Christians believe.”

Blind Boys of Alabama
Gospel Group – Our editor loves these guys! “The Blind Boys of Alabama have spread the spirit and energy of pure soul gospel music for over 60 years, ever since the first version of the group formed at the Alabama Institute for the Negro Blind in 1939.”

Church of the Harvest Network
CHN includes a heavy dose of “end times” analysis

Four Views of the Millenium
Explains differences between Dispensational Premillennialism, Historic Premillennialism, Postmillennialism, and Amillennialism

Focus on the Family
Dedicated to the Preservation of the Home

Dominion Theology
An Article by Biblical Discernment Ministries that exposes the errors of Theonomy and Reconstructionism.

Glossary of Biblical English
A Glossary of XVIIth Century Biblical English Words & Expressions (For those who have problems understanding the “Old” English contained in the King James Bible, this glossary gives the modern meaning, and specific passages wherein these “Old” English words are used.)

Jerry Jenkins Ministry
Independent Website

Jerusalem Christian Review
Independent Website

Jews for Jesus
Independent Website with forum and information for Jewish Christians

The Law is the Law
Text of an e-mail recently received, concerning the removal of prayer in schools, and the removal of God from our government. This idea may sound a little far-fetched at first, but it actually makes sense!

Left Behind Series
Jerry Jenkins Responds to Readers’ Questions

Once Saved, Always Saved
Writing of Harry Wellington (Note: Originally written in 1962, Harry’s Dispensational views have changed somewhat since that time; but his views on the eternal security of the believer remain steadfast. All scriptural quotes taken from the King James Bible. Any mis-quotes are unintentional.)

President Bush Analysis
Having heard more than once that President Bush is an “evil man,” this account by Bruce Vincent, verified by Truth or Fiction, proves otherwise.

Pre-Trib Perspectives Journal
‘The Pre-Trib Research Center is a “think tank” committed to the study, proclamation, teaching and defending of the Pretribulational Rapture (pre-70th week of Daniel) and related end-time prophecy.’

Promise Keeper Movement
Movements such as Promise Keepers are fully dedicated to breaking down all denominational walls, regardless of essential doctrine, in order to bring about a unified church with a “central command.” (i.e., take over the churches)

Share International
Web Site foolishly proclaiming Maitreya (“the World Teacher”), who also calls himself the Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, and the Imam Mahdi.

From, this article by the Late Miles Stanford exposes the error of Theonomy.

The Trail of Blood
“Following the Christians Down Through the Centuries . . . or The History of Baptist Churches From the Time of Christ, Their Founder, to the Present Day,” by J. M. Carroll

Thru the Bible Radio
Ministry of Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Traditional Values Coalition
A media effort called the “Homosexual Urban Legend Series”. This informational service is designed to provide reporters, editors, and other opinion leaders with accurate information on the relationship between homosexuality and the molestation of children. It will also expose and debunk dozens of factually inaccurate urban legends created by homosexual activist groups to promote their political and social agenda.

Truth or Fiction
Due to the fact that many well-meaning but misinformed Christians continue to circulate false rumors by e-mail (such as the fictional story that a Congressman named Tony Schnell has proposed legislation which would tax your e-mail), here is a site where you can check out these rumors.

All sites pertaining to the KJO Debate

Another King James Believer
Independent Website

Bible Versions Compared
Ministry of Don Hewey

Bible Version Comparison
Ministry of Terry Watkins

Bible Version Debate Resolved
Comparing the NIV, New King James, New Revised Standard Version, New Century Version, NASV, RSV, and Living Bible

Creationist Defense of KJV
Ministry of Dr. Henry Morris

In Defense of Erasmus
Independent Article

Easter and the Reformation Bibles
Article of Tim and Barb Aho

Easter is Correct
Article of Will Kinney

Easter or Passover?
Article of Jack Moorman

European Institute of Protestant Studies
Ministry of Dr. Ian Paisley

Glossary of Biblical English
A Glossary of XVIIth Century Biblical English Words & Expressions (For those who have problems understanding the “Old” English contained in the King James Bible, this glossary gives the modern meaning, and specific passages wherein these “Old” English words are used.)

The Johannine Comma
Ministry of T.L. Hubeart Jr.

King James Bible Only
A Rejection of the Modern Versions (Two-Page article; be sure and read through the second page!)

King James Bible Controversy
Independent Website

Learn the Bible
Ministry of Antioch Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee

NASV Committee Member
Dr. S. Franklin Logsdon, who wrote the preface for the New American Standard Version, later changed his mind and denounced his association with the NASV

See also DID FRANK LOGSDON HELP ORGANIZE THE NEW AMERICAN STANDARD VERSION?, which states in part, “We have received a number of requests for information on S. Franklin Logsdon. He was a respected pastor and Bible conference teacher who participated in the founding of the New American Standard Version (NASV). Later he rejected the modern versions and publicly disassociated himself from the NASV…”

New Age Bible Versions
Debate with Gail Riplinger (“Many people have tried to refute the arguments contained in New Age Bible Versions. James White is one of those who tried in vain to discredit Ms. Riplinger and her work. Here is a link to his attacks and the response of Ms. Riplinger.”)

New King James Bible Rejection
Article which states the NEW King James Bible should be rejected, because it changes the faith “of” Christ to our faith “in” Christ.

Occam’s Razor and Acts 12:4
Even as late as the year 1535, “Easter” was considered to be the correct name for the Passover (the word “Passover” was coined by William Tyndale, for his translation of the Penteteuch in 1530); therefore, the principle of Occam’s Razor (“the simplest proof is the best proof”) shows why the Greek word “pascha” is properly translated as “Easter” in Acts 12:4.

Principles of Rightly Dividing Easter
Article of Mike Schroeder

Proof the NKJV is Corrupted
Article written by Will Kinney

Roots of the KJV
Tyndale and the Geneva Bible

Seven Seals: How to Understand the KJB
It is impossible to understand the Bible unless God’s criteria are met.

Watch Unto Prayer
Independent Ministry

Which Bible?
Independent Ministry

Why we use the KJB
Article from Chegoggin Baptist Church

Why Easter is Correct in Acts 12:4
Article from Dr. Samuel Gipp

King James Bible Online
Made Available by Bible Gateway. Readers can compare the text of the King James with the text of the NIV and the NASB.

Creationist Websites

Answers in Genesis
Breaking news! A bombshell for anyone who believes in millions of years – startling breakthroughs in radiometric dating – announced by the five-year-old RATE research group—will put scientists who believe in ‘millions of years’ on the run. Make sure to tell your friends! Click Here to read about cutting-edge research that confirms biblical history!

Center for Scientific Creation
Ministry of Dr. Walter Brown

Creation vs Evolution
Independent Articles

Christian Geology Ministry
Rightly Dividing Genesis and Geology (King James Bible Only; Old Earth Advocates)

The Creation Research Society
Independent Ministry

Creation Science Page
Scientific Information – The Second Law of Thermodynamics is in the Bible

How Accurate is Carbon Dating?
Check out this site, to see how INACCURATE Carbon 14 dating really is!

Institute for Creation Research (ICR)
Ministry of John D. Morris, Ph.D., President

ICR for Kids
Institute for Creation Research revamped for the education and enhancement of children

Unrefuted Evidence
Scientific Evidence for Earth’s Instant Creation

Websites Dealing with the Occult

Answers to Jehovah’s Witnesses
The New Man

Berean Christian Ministries
Contains information on witnessing to Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses

Christ Gospel Churches International
Exactly What do They Believe? In this article, Michael Meiring exposes the unscriptural teachings of this church, whose founder [Rev. Bernice Hicks] twists the teaching that the Son was “begotten” by the Father before the creation of the world. Rev. Hicks wrongly interprets this to mean that the Son had a beginning in eternity past, and was literally procreated by the Father.

Please note: The DB Editor would also like to recommend Michael’s newest book, entitled Four Keys to the Millennium, available from He has read this book, and it goes a long way towards explaining the four different views.

Comparing Jehovah’s Witnesses to Scripture
Small Chart noting the strong differences between JW belief and Biblical truth

Looking at this “holiday” in light of Scripture

Talbott’s Universalism Once More
Because universalism cannot be supported from scripture, universalists will often resort to using “logical” arguments in support of their unscriptural beliefs. In this essay, Dr. William Lane Craig refutes the universalist theology of Thomas Talbott.

TBN: The Blasphemy Network
Founder of TBN, Paul Crouch, has a message for those who dare to rebuke and correct him: “To hell with you! Get out of my life! Get out of the way!…I say get out of God’s way! Quit blocking God’s bridges or God’s going to shoot you if I don’t…I don’t even want to even talk to you or hear you! I don’t want to see your ugly face!” Source: Paul Crouch, Praise-a-thon, April 2, 1991

Watchtower News
Watchers of the Watchtower that expose false Watchtower Doctrine

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